I’m so thankful to have you here on A’neil Brittanny today taking the time to get to know more about the brand and essentially more about me, A’neil Campbell, the owner and creator of A’neil Brittanny. I’m 28 and a mother of two beautiful children.


I started creating A’neil Brittanny in 2019 after a very tragic life event happened. I was on holiday with my partner and he suffered an accident and sadly passed away. My world imploded and I was consumed with so much grief that I didn’t even recognise myself.


But I had to find a way back to myself for the sake of my children because I was headed down a rabbit hole that seemed to have no exit. This is where A’neil Brittanny came in.  It may seem strange, but I remember the first time I put makeup on after all that had happened. I didn’t put on a full face of makeup. I put on lashes and it brightened my face and lifted my spirit. I looked like my old self. I have always had a passion for all things beauty.  My mum could  tell you all the storied of how I used to be awake until 4am playing in makeup as a teenager. Working on this brand took me out of my grief and gave me a renewed purpose. A dream to chase.


 A’neil Brittanny is my namesake and for me is more than a lash brand. It is a symbol that even in the midst of a storm, we can all find something to soften its rage. Even if that something is a beauty product that makes you feel like yourself again and lift your mood. It is proof that we can all push through and find a way.